- Background Screening Technology

  • Checks360 offers background screeners a vastly superior alternative to manual operations or home-grown bespoke systems.

  • Checks360 platform enables the entire background screening process -from acquisition of candidate data to verification of the data and then onto preparation and submission of the final case-report.

  • Checks360 is a highly scalable system that provides real-time case cum component status of cases under verification.

technology platform for background screening technology


Web-based, cloud deployable and cross-device compatible

Secure platform (ISO 27001 compliant)

User centric, secure access for employers, background screening service providers and job applicants.

Configurable workflows to suit any screening business process.

Automated data capture provisions with connectors to employer’s core recruitment management systems.

Suitable for multi-locational operations

Robust reporting capabilities with real-time and customizable templates.