• You hire 100 employees or more every month
  • You are constantly under pressure to get recruits on-board faster
  • You work with multiple background screening vendors
  • You are on the phone and mail chasing the vendors to know the status of the cases

Checks360-ONBOARD makes your life easier

CHECKS360-ONBOARD is a versatile platform for managing your employee verification activity. ONBOARD is an ideal solution for companies that have a threshold hiring volume OR outsourced HR PMOs. ONBOARD can be integrated with your Applicant Tracking System/HRMS OR function independently.

CHECKS360-ONBOARD helps HR/Post-recruitment teams manage multiple background screening vendors efficiently, store important case documents, eliminate email conversations and get real-time ‘case status’ on candidates who are being screened.


  • Add and manage multiple screening vendors
  • Assign cases and supporting documents to screening vendors
  • Monitor real-time case status
  • Powerful case search facility and information at your fingertip on dashboards
  • Access to reports, interim and final
  • Notification alerts from BGV vendors for insufficiencies
  • MIS reports on vendor TAT performance
  • User-centric, secure access for employers, background screening vendors

How it works


  • Web-based, cloud-deployable and cross-device compatible
  • Secure platform
  • Suitable for multi-locational operations

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