Background Check Capabilities

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  •   Address Verification
  •   Educational Verification
  •   Employment Verification
  •   Criminal Check
  •   Court Check
  •   Database Check
  •   Drug and Medical Check
  •   ID Check
  •   Credit Check
  •   Reference Check


Employers can handle their entire background screening fulfilment process – they can raise a service request on the background screener and job applicants simultaneously in a seamless manner. Receive progress notifications/alerts via email/SMS, handle exceptions (data insufficiencies), accept/reject/re-open cases via smart workflow, review documents, and access case reports.


Core module of the product suite helps background screening providers manage the entire verification lifecycle in a streamlined fashion – service providers can connect various stake holders using predefined workflows, register cases, assign tasks to teams based on verification criteria, manage documents, handle exceptions, monitor work-in-progress, provide real time updates to employers (read as clients), configure case-report templates and publish case reports online.


Job applicants can submit details requested by their prospective employers, upload documents, receive email/SMS notifications/alerts and track the status of their background screening

software solution for background verification


Checks360 SmartFetch is a feature that can automatically connect to the client ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and update the candidate's case data and documents into Checks360 or work independently with any background verification technology.

Automating Data Entry can significantly help screeners reduce manual errors, time and cost.

checks360 screening lifecycle
verification lifecycle

Checks360 FlexiReport

Checks360 FlexiReport is a powerful report template designer which empowers background screeners build custom report templates to meet client need for tailor-made report formats.

  • Publish case reports in multiple custom formats
  • Keep your client auditors happy – All report data comes from a system. No offline
  • Modifications
  • Eliminate manual report preparation effort
  • Set different report formats for different verification results
  • Publish data and attachments together within a single report
  • Publish PDF reports to your clients at one click of a button
checks360 screening process
background check process
background check software

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