Aug 13

Eliminating Data Entry – The first step towards operational efficiency


One of the major time & effort-consuming activities of a background screening company is to enter the case data and attach the documents to the case.

Getting the candidate to enter the data is one good way to shift this activity to the candidate. This makes sense not only from an operational efficiency point of view but also from the point of view of getting the candidate to take responsibility for the activity. However, many a client gets the candidate to enter the data into an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) of the client which once again leaves the service provider with the prospect of entering the data into their system.

So, what does manual data entry entail?

Let’s take a case with multiple checks. It would on an average take about 15-20 minutes for a person to manually enter the data and attach the documents. If they have to get it from a customer’s ATS, it could take more time. On an average, a background screening company dealing with 300 cases a day expends 100person hours (300 cases * 20mins per case and convert minutes to hours). Translates to about 12 persons doing data entry for one whole day. Clearly, time and effort waiting that needs to be eliminated.

Checks360 SmartFetch is a feature in Checks360 that can automatically connect to the customer ATS and update the case data and documents into Checks360. What’s more SmartFetch can also work independently along with any Background verification technology. Want to know more about it? Request a call back. © 2024 All rights reserved