Aug 05

Background Verification Technology – Make or Buy?


It is essential for the organizations to conduct employee background checks to make sure that they hire the right person –a person who is genuine, proven and really has the potential to fill the job vacancy. About 27.66% of the data of prospective employees have been found discrepant in the year 2012 – 2013 (Authbridge, 2013).  On an average, the trend indicates that more than a quarter of candidates are likely to tinker with their resume with fabricated information on their employment history.

As the demand for background screening increases steadily, it is important for the screening service providers to increase efficiency and speed up their verification process. While some providers have made attempts to develop their own indigenous software that might just about meet their growing expectations, the old school practices such as emails and excel sheets are still in vogue.

It is going to be tough for screening companies to decide between building their own technology platform and choosing an independent product. The former can be a daunting task and a drain on service provider’s ops teams unless there is a clear IT strategy and task force to develop and maintain such technology solutions. Background verification process has several stages – data entry, verification, quality control and reporting. The platform should be capable of handling diverse case situations, track cases at various stages and prioritize tasks with rule based work assignments. In essence, this could take the focus of background verification providers away from their business and towards software development.

Selecting the right system would result in smooth flow of the screening operations and give the required flexibility to handle larger case volumes efficiently. Considering the number of variables involved in developing an in-house enterprise solution it would be a better option to go for the product route even if it involves a certain element of process adjustment to suit the product. © 2024 All rights reserved