Mar 10



What is OnBoard?

OnBoard is a software platform for a recruiter of fairly large company to connect with multiple BGV vendors with ease and keep track of cases under WIP, pending and completed.

How it helps?

OnBoard can help employers measure the efficiency of screening vendors in terms of turnaround, quality of reporting and accuracy of verified data. So, with OnBoard, recruiters can eliminate the hassle of sending out follow up mails to screening vendors, chasing vendors over the phone, failing to keep track of cases etc.

How it works?

OnBoard connects recruiters ATS/HRMS and the vendors’ verification software besides eliminating a whole bunch of associated manual activities including sending, receiving, and storing the case reports.

Can OnBoard be integrated with my Applicant Tracking System/HRMS?

Yes, OnBoard can not only be integrated with your applicant tracking system/HRMS but can also connect with multiple third-party background screening platforms.

I don’t have an ATS/HRMS, can still use it?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Yes, OnBoard can function independently and will still make connections with multiple BGV platforms.

What are the key features?

  • Add and manage multiple screening vendors
  • Assign cases and supporting documents to screening vendors
  • Monitor real-time case status
  • Powerful case search facility and information at your fingertip on dashboards
  • Access to reports, interim and final
  • Notification alerts from BGV vendors for insufficiencies
  • MIS reports on vendor TAT performance © 2024 All rights reserved